Why Ni Hao Ma


The origin of Ni Hao Ma came by asking ourselves the question: ”What would be the most common word that anyone would know when asked if they speak Mandarin?” Ni Hao Ma is the starting point for any traveller or learner when embarking on to their Mandarin journey
Ni Hao Ma is made for non-native speakers who want to learn Mandarin based on their needs..

Our Story

The story starts with 2 mixed couples, with Chinese mothers. Having travelled across Asia, they struggled to teach their children Mandarin and aspects of their heritage. Destiny made these 2 families meet and share the same challenge and decided to solve this problem in creating a modern learning center for their children but also to meet other like minded individuals.

It all started in May 2020, in December that year, they rented out a school on Saturdays, and after 3 months, noticing the positive feedback and increasing demand, decided to take a leap in officially launching Ni Hao Ma Vietnam, a Mandarin Learning Lab. 

With a single ambition is to provide a value Mandarin knowledge and a standard pronunciation, they established a Mandarin center taught only by native teachers from Taiwan, China and SEA countries. On the position of being a member in a family mixing Eurasian cultures, as well as having experience of studying and working at bilingual schools with native teachers, the founders realize that, to really understand and master a language, it has to learn through the cultural aspect. Furthermore, they believe that in order to walk on the Mandarin journey, it is necessary to study with native teachers to catch the correct pronunciation. Therefore, they focus on developing HSK, YCT programs and attach activities such as arts, cooking, traditional games, science… to help Ni Hao Ma’s students absorb the lessons quickly in real time, achieve higher levels of language skills, and be able to adapt to the environment outside the classroom.

Mission & Vision

Besides the newest Mandarin textbooks updated by experts, we embrace language by learning in groups and sharing practical everyday examples. Make your study journey be more enjoyable!

Our Mission

To become top of mind destination to learn Mandarin and its culture and exchange with like-minded people.

Our Vision

We provide a modern & specialized platform for individuals of all ages and levels to learn Mandarin and consequently achieve higher goals.

Our 8 Branches

With the recent trend, the context of globalization, and customer demand, Ni Hao Ma does not only offer physical classes but also teaches Mandarin online in different countries.

Our Partners

Ni Hao Ma is a reliable destination to learn Mandarin for well-known international schools. We also become their partner to offer classes for their students. Along with that, Ni Hao Ma is an official partner with Han Institute – a training center for teachers to be certified.