From 3 – 6 years old


Prepare Early For A Bright Future

Experience a dynamic journey in Mandarin with our YCT (Youth Chinese Test) course for the youngest learners. Through interactive and play-based methods, children explore engaging topics while enhancing vocabulary and speaking skills with native speakers.The program, with user-friendly and engaging virtual classes, establishes language basics and introduces crucial reading and writing skills, forming a solid foundation for HSK progression.



Cognitive Development

Children who learn Mandarin tend to score 10-15% higher on cognitive development assessments compared to their peers studying other languages.

Communication Skills

Mandarin is one of the most spoken languages globally. Mandarin proficiency equips students with confidence and valuable skills for better communication and relationships.

Cultural Awareness

Mandarin learning fosters empathy, respect for diversity, and a global mindset, preparing students to navigate a culturally interconnected world with ease and understanding.

Linguistic Proficiency

Develop a strong foundation in language learning, making it easier for children to acquire additional languages later in life and enhancing communication skills .


Our engaging curriculum introduces and reinforces Mandarin vocabulary through interactive activities, games, and age-appropriate materials. Spark your child’s language journey with a fun and effective learning experience.



Our program enhances young learners’ reading skills through captivating stories, immersive games, and stimulating visual aids. Cultivate a love for Mandarin and nurture essential literacy skills in a supportive and enjoyable environment.


We emphasize the development of fundamental conversational skills through engaging innovative role-playing activities. Children have the opportunity to practice constructing simple sentences using the vocabulary acquired, fostering confidence and improving their communication abilities in a supportive learning environment guided by our native teachers.



Learn fundamental writing skills through innovative participatory exercises. Children will enthusiastically practice the basic strokes of characters, enhancing penmanship, and stimulating imaginative expression. Guided by our native teachers, young learners will build a solid foundation for effective written communication, fostering confidence and creativity.


YCT Levels

Designed by our teachers who understand Ni Hao Ma student’s needs, based on international standards. The program includes additional exercises, digital resources, vocabulary and grammar video resources to help students review. Our program not only focuses on language acquisition but also enhances cultural understanding, critical thinking, creativity, and confidence.

  • Birthdays
  • Weekdays Emotions
  • 4 seasons
  • Moon Festival
  • Numbers Greetings
  • New Year Celebration
  • Food & Festivals
  • Nature Weather
  • Animals
  • Transportation
  • Body parts
  • Chinese Character’s History
  • Direction
  • Position
  • Back to school
  • School items
  • Daily schedule
  • Vocabulary: 100+ words
  • Reading: 36+ characters
  • Conversation: 40+ sentences
  • Introduction to writing
  • Vocabulary: 200+ words
  • Reading: 70+ characters
  • Conversation: 70+ sentences
  • Writting: 120 characters
  • Vocabulary: 300+ words
  • Reading: 120+ characters
  • Conversation: 90+ sentences
  • Writting: 150 characters
Customers Reviews

What Parents Say?

Our child thoroughly enjoys the online YCT course. The virtual classes have been offering a safe and interactive space for learning Mandarin. The engaging lessons, coupled with the supportive native teachers, make the process not just educational but also fun. We appreciate the play-based approach that keeps our child motivated and eager to participate.
Elise H.
The virtual classes have provided a seamless learning experience for our child. The well-designed curriculum with interactive stories and games has made Mandarin learning enjoyable. The native teachers are not only experienced but also create a nurturing environment, fostering our child's language development. It's a good program that balances educational rigor with the flexibility of online learning.
Kim Ly

Benefits for Parents



Count on our dedicated team to support you in setting up classes. Our team is committed to developing a smooth learning course for you. We prioritize your needs, ensuring a caring, capable, and efficient educational journey. Support in local language, English and Chinese.



Systematic evaluation of your progress and performance, informing you of the areas of strengths and improvements as well as milestones achieved in order to monitor your overall language development and acquisition.



Our educational consultants walk alongside and follow you through every phase of your learning expedition – from the initial steps to the final accomplishments, keeping you connected to the learning process


At Ni Hao Ma, our commitment to excellence ensures consistent learning through the highest standards. Students have the freedom to choose options that best suit their needs, from tutoring to personalized 1-on-1 sessions, ensuring real-time learning experiences. With us, you’ll have a reliable companion of dedicated teachers, alongside effective teaching methodologies to guide your Mandarin journey. We offer flexible solutions for every step of your learning in order to achieve your desired goals. Our proven track record speaks volumes about our dedication in delivering top-notch education, empowering students to succeed with confidence and proficiency in Mandarin.

Learn with Native Teachers

1 on 1 Classes


All Level
$ 14 - 16 Per Hour
  • From 4 years old
  • Learning materials included
  • 1 on 1