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Learn Mandarin with Ni Hao Ma Certified Native Teachers
Ensure an Authentic and Effective Language Experience

Sun Rong
Sun RongHubei, China
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Teacher Coordinator Teaching since 2012, Central China Normal University, Bachelor Degree in Music Education and TCSOL Certification
Ma Xiao Tong
Ma Xiao TongChina
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Teacher Coordinator Teaching since 2019, Liaoning Normal University, Bachelor Degree and TCSOL Certification
Stacia Wu
Stacia WuGuangzhou, China
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Online Teacher
Teaching since 2019, Guangdong University, Bachelor Degree and TCSOL Certification
Lily Wang
Lily WangGansu, China
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Online Teacher
Teaching since 2019, Lanzhou Jiaotong University, Master Degree and TCSOL Certification
MingYue Duan
MingYue DuanHeilongjiang, China
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Online Teacher
Teaching since 2020, Hangzhou Normal University, Bachelor Degree and TCSOL Certification
Eva Zhang
Eva ZhangJiangsu, China
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Offline Teacher
Teaching since 2019, Nanjing Jingling Technology University, Bachelor Degree and TCSOL Certification
Bao Haiyan
Bao HaiyanAnhui, China
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Offline Teacher
Teaching since 2021, Bejing Foreign Studies University, Master Degree and TCSOL Certification
Wei Ming Yueh
Wei Ming YuehTaiwan
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Offline Teacher
Teaching since 2021, Chung Yuan Christian University, Bachelor Degree.
Liu Ying Chen
Liu Ying ChenNew Taipei, Taiwan
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Offline Teacher
Teaching since 2021, National Chi Nan University, Master Degree and TCSOL Certification
Lee Yi Chen
Lee Yi ChenHsinchu, Taiwan
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Offline Teacher
Teaching since 2022, Ming Chuan University, Bachelor of Art in Teaching Chinese as a second Language.
Holly Qian
Holly QianGuangdong, China
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Offline Teacher
Teaching since 2021, Ming Chuan University, Bachelor Degree and TCSOL Certification



YCT course is crafted to introduce children to the fundamentals of the Chinese language, fostering a solid foundation in listening, speaking, and reading. Our in-house curriculum combines language acquisition with engaging activities, making learning Mandarin a fun and enriching experience for young minds. Through games and age-appropriate materials, children will not only acquire language skills but also gain insights into the culture.

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Designed for non-native Chinese speakers, HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi) is a globally recognized language proficiency test. From beginner to advanced levels, we foster proficiency for the HSK test and beyond. Our in-house curriculum equips kids with vital language skills for real-life scenarios, mastering vocabulary, grammar, and all facets of language – speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

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Our speaking classes designed for advanced students eager to boost confidence and practice in a supportive live virtual environment. Focusing on honing conversational skills, these classes offer a platform for fluent speakers to engage, discuss, and refine their Mandarin proficiency.

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Our tutor curriculum offers flexible options for 1-on-1 sessions. Whether seeking individual attention, our tutor’s sessions suit each student’s needs, ensuring focused assistance, practice, and accelerate progress in Mandarin proficiency.

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Navigating the rigorous International Baccalaureate (IB) Mandarin exams requires specialized assistance, and our IB Exam Support Program is tailored to meet those demands. Our experienced instructors provide academic guidance in preparing for the IB Mandarin exams, covering language proficiency and examination practice. With a focus on the specific requirements of the IB curriculum, students will gain their confidence and test-taking skills, ensuring they are well-equipped for success.

This course is designed for professionals who are interested in business communication in Mandarin. From essential vocabulary to crafting professional correspondence and understanding industry-specific language, our curriculum is designed to enhance your Mandarin proficiency in a corporate context. Elevate your language skills for success in the dynamic world of international business.

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Immerse your team in Ni Hao Ma’s Corporate Curriculum – a tailor-made program designed by our experts to address specific business needs. Our curriculum focuses on customized business topics, ensuring employees acquire language skills directly relevant to their professional environment. Unlock the benefits of this course, enhancing communication, fostering cultural understanding, and ultimately equipping your workforce with the language proficiency necessary for successful business interactions.

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Mandarin courses for preschoolers offer interactive and engaging sessions tailored to their developmental stage. Through stories and colorful visuals, young learners absorb Mandarin naturally. Early exposure fosters linguistic foundations, cultural appreciation, and lays the groundwork for future language proficiency.

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With a clear roadmap for children to master the language and discover new culture, your child learns Mandarin through interactive lessons, expanding vocabulary, learning basic sentence structures, writing simple characters and can even participate in lively online sessions, all led by native teachers.

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During teenage years, learning Mandarin becomes a gateway to global opportunities. Whether taking online or offline classes, teens accelerate their skills in advanced grammar, writing practice, and refine their speaking skills for practical communication. We also support them in international exams like HSK, IB to equip them for international endeavors and academic pursuits.

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Adult learners embrace Mandarin for career prospects and personal growth. Their focus encompasses conversational fluency, nuanced language usage, and adapting to Mandarin in various settings. Mastery of Mandarin opens doors to international business, cultural exchange, and personal enrichment.

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Our corporate learners, comprising executives, employees, and managers, engage in Mandarin learning to foster effective communication, enhance cultural understanding, and gain a competitive edge in today’s global business landscape.

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For Everyone


Next Gen Education


Learn with Ni Hao Ma’s certified native teachers – the backbone of a your Mandarin learning journey. Our educators bring authenticity, cultural richness, and linguistic expertise to every virtual classroom. Absorb Mandarin with confidence, knowing that you are guided by professionals dedicated to your language proficiency and cultural understanding. Elevate your language learning experience with the assurance of certified native teachers.

Experience the vibrancy of our engaging virtual classes at Ni Hao Ma. Dive into a friendly, individualized learning platform that seamlessly connects you with a global community. Our engaging sessions, led by native teachers, ensure an interactive and enjoyable Mandarin learning experience, where every lesson becomes a step towards fluency, all within the comfort of your virtual classroom.

Beyond language skills, our cultural activities offer an interesting discovery into traditional practices, festivities, and daily life, fostering a holistic understanding of Mandarin. Engage with traditions, explore customs, and embrace the richness of Chinese heritage through dynamic, immersive camps and activities. that complement language learning, providing you with an authentic and enriching language journey at every turn. Explore Mandarin in its cultural context and make language acquisition a joyful adventure with Ni Hao Ma

Join us at Ni Hao Ma for a seamless blend of cultural immersion and cutting-edge digital tools. Explore Mandarin through captivating eBooks with audio and engaging online games, enhancing language skills effectively. Experience live virtual classes with expert teachers, leveraging our in-house curriculum for a personalized and tech-savvy Mandarin learning journey. Whether in small groups or individual classes, Next-Gen Education awaits you for an immersive language experience like never before.

Welcome to the future of learning with our Flipped Classes method! In this innovative approach, traditional classroom dynamics are inverted. Students engage with instructional content at their own pace through pre-recorded lectures, videos, or digital materials before attending live classes. This allows for more interactive and personalized classroom sessions, fostering deeper understanding, collaboration, and active participation. Experience education in a flipped paradigm, where the traditional roles of homework and classwork are reinvented for an enriched learning experience.


At Ni Hao Ma, our commitment to excellence ensures consistent learning through the highest standards. Students have the freedom to choose options that suit their needs, from tutoring to personalized 1-on-1 sessions, ensuring real-time learning experiences. With us, you’ll have a reliable companion, dedicated teachers, and effective teaching methodologies on your Mandarin journey, offering flexible solutions for every step of your learning process to achieve your goals. Our proven track record speaks volumes about our dedication to delivering top-notch education, empowering students to succeed in mastering Mandarin with confidence and proficiency.


What They Say?

The curriculum and interactive sessions make it convenient to study around my schedule. The teachers are incredibly supportive. The e-book's audio features have significantly improved my pronunciation. I'm impressed by the real-life conversations incorporated into lessons, making the learning process engaging and comprehensive.
Andrea L.
As a parent, I couldn't be happier with Ni Hao Ma's online Mandarin classes for my child. The platform's user-friendly interface makes it easy for my kid to navigate. The teachers' dedication and engaging teaching methods have sparked my child's interest in Mandarin. I've noticed remarkable progress in their language skills and confidence.
teresa G.


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Revolutionizing Mandarin Education

At Ni Hao Ma, we address the Mandarin learning gap in Vietnam and Southeast Asia by offering a contemporary, immersive learning experience. Our native-led instruction, tailored materials, and cultural immersion activities integrate modern technology for a transformative approach. Passionate about learner-centered growth and goal-driven learning, we empower individuals to excel in Mandarin. Our distinctive hybrid model emphasizes dynamic teaching and a global, inclusive approach for non-native speakers worldwide.

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