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Business Chinese

From Daily to Professional Speaking

For individuals seeking proficiency in business-related Mandarin, our native teachers guide you through real-world scenarios, enhancing your communication skills in various business contexts. With a focus on practical vocabulary and negotiation strategies, our BCT Course equips you to excel in Mandarin business environments. Suitable for all business professionals, this course is your key to mastering Mandarin for success in the corporate world.



Versatile Communication

Facilitating adept communication across different contexts, including project discussions, inquiries, social interactions, and daily conversations with Chinese speakers. This comprehensive approach ensures learners navigate diverse settings with confidence and proficiency

Global Competence and Opportunities

Recognized as a crucial language for international business dealings, Business Chinese proficiency allows individuals to connect with Chinese-speaking partners and clients, providing a competitive edge in the global market.

Networking Ability

Beyond facilitating daily conversations, learners can confidently participate in social events, build connections with Chinese-speaking colleagues or friends, and establish rapport, enriching their social experiences in both personal and professional realms.

Cultural Fluency and Insights

Equipping learners with profound insights into Chinese customs, expressions, and social norms. This cultural fluency enriches interactions, fostering more authentic and harmonious conversations.

Practice Scenario

Engage in dynamic learning through practical scenarios in our Business Chinese (BCT) course. We simulate real-world situations, allowing learners to apply language skills in business contexts. From day-to-day conversation to negotiations and presentations, this immersive approach enhances proficiency and prepares individuals for actual business scenarios.


Enhance Pronunciation

Refine your Mandarin pronunciation with our native teachers. Through specialized exercises and feedback, learners focus on mastering accurate tones and expressions used in professional settings. Our approach ensures clear and effective communication, a valuable skill for global business interactions.

Develop Speaking Skill

Through interactive dialogues, role-playing, and real-life business scenarios, learners actively practice and refine their ability to communicate effectively in professional settings. Our immersive approach ensures practical language application, bringing you to articulate ideas with confidence and precision.


Discover Pinyin

Define the foundations of pronunciation through focused lessons on Pinyin, enhancing your proficiency in accurately articulating Mandarin sounds. Our dynamic learning materials and interactive exercises provide a comprehensive introduction to Pinyin, laying the groundwork for clear and confident communication.



Obtain practical language skills with our BCT course, where speaking is taught through real-life scenarios. Tailored topics cater to various proficiency levels, meticulously crafted by our in-house Academic team for an effective and engaging learning experience.

BCT – 1: 20 lessons

Main topics:
1. Greetings
2. Date and time
3. Call
4. Question: When, Where

BCT – 2: 20 lessons

Main topics:
1. my job, colleague, company, hobby
2. Weather
4. Plan
5. Ask for help

BCT – 3: 20 lessons

Main topics:
1. Resume / CV
2. Booking
4. Sales
5. Negotiation / Contract

Customers Reviews

What Students Say?

The emphasis on practical business scenarios made the learning experience relevant and applicable to my professional life. The instructors' attention to detail, especially in refining my pronunciation and speaking skills, has significantly boosted my confidence in Mandarin business communication.
Lien Ng.
The interactive learning scenarios, conducted virtually, allowed me to practice real-world business situations seamlessly. The focus on pronunciation and speaking skills embedded in the online curriculum, provided a well-rounded and effective learning experience. The online structure and the guidance of certified native teachers make it a good program for anyone aiming to excel in Mandarin business communication, even in a virtual setting.
Ha Phung.

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Count on our dedicated team to support you in setting up classes. Our team is committed to prioritizing your needs and ensuring a caring, capable, and efficient educational journey. Our team can support your growth in the local language, English, and Chinese.



Our teachers give a report offering personalized feedback and applicable recommendations, guiding students’ learning journey towards enhanced language proficiency.



Our educational consultants accompany and guide you through every phase of your learning journey- from the initial steps to the final achievements, keeping you connected to the learning process


At Ni Hao Ma, our commitment to excellence ensures consistent learning through the highest standards. Students have the freedom to choose options that suit their needs, from tutoring to personalized 1-on-1 sessions, ensuring real-time learning experiences. With us, you’ll have a reliable companion, dedicated teachers, and effective teaching methodologies on your Mandarin journey, offering flexible solutions for every step of your learning process to achieve your goals. Our proven track record speaks volumes about our dedication to delivering top-notch education, empowering students to succeed in mastering Mandarin with confidence and proficiency.

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