From 4 to 6 years old


Exploring Mandarin, Sparking Wonder

Step into our energetic Mandarin world designed exclusively for preschoolers! Our play-based program blends interactive games, engaging activities, and playful lessons to spark curiosity and ignite their love for learning Mandarin. From colorful adventures to exciting language exploration, we ensure a fun-filled and accessible start to setting a solid foundation for their educational journey.



Brain Development

Mandarin present a delightful challenge that strengthens young minds and enhances cognitive skills. Mastering this language not only opens doors to a fascinating culture but also nurturing well-rounded individuals.

Communication Skills

Mandarin is one of the most spoken languages globally. Mandarin proficiency equips students with confidence and valuable skills for better communication and relationships.

Cultural Awareness

Mandarin learning fosters empathy, respect for diversity, and a global mindset, preparing students to navigate a culturally interconnected world with ease and understanding.

Linguistic Proficiency

Develop a strong foundation in language learning, making it easier for children to acquire additional languages later in life and enhancing communication skills .

Engaging Lessons with Certified Native Teachers

Fostering a dynamic and immersive environment that serves as a catalyst for fluency development, essential skill acquisition, and the nurturing of confident communicators. This environment prioritizes interactive learning, engaging activities, and real-life applications, empowering students to navigate Mandarin confidently and effectively in diverse contexts.


Small Group Learning

Elevate morale and productivity to create an environment conducive to students’ holistic development. This supportive environment nurtures not only academic growth but also personal and social development, laying the groundwork for well-rounded individuals poised for success.

Live Virtual Classes

Leverage unparalleled flexibility to elevate your skills and expand your knowledge, all from the comfort and convenience of your own space. Whether you’re enhancing your Mandarin proficiency or delving into Chinese culture, our adaptable platform empowers you to learn at your own pace, ensuring a seamless and enriching learning experience that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle.

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Learn With Cultural Topics

Our course offers an extensive array of diverse topics, inviting students on a captivating journey to explore and understand cross-cultural perspectives from around the globe. This multifaceted approach not only broadens horizons but also cultivates a global mindset, empowering students to navigate an interconnected world with respect, understanding, and a sense of shared humanity.



Designed by our teachers who understand Ni Hao Ma student’s needs, based on international standards. The program includes additional exercises, digital resources, vocabulary and grammar video resources to help students review. Our program not only focuses on language acquisition but also enhances cultural understanding, critical thinking, creativity, and confidence.

YCT (Youth Chinese Test) is a specialized international Mandarin language program designed exclusively for our youngest non-native students, aligned with global standards. Each month, engaging topics and interactive activities will nurture your child’s vocabulary and develop their ability to speak Mandarin with authentic tonality and pronunciation guided by native speakers. Through this program, they’ll grasp Mandarin language fundamentals, including reading and writing characters, setting a strong foundation as they progress toward the HSK program.

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What Parents Say?

Our son enjoys the lively online sessions and interactive lessons, he loves the engaging games. The teachers are fantastic at making learning enjoyable. He's grown so much in Mandarin skills and has a newfound love for the language and culture. Highly recommend!
Rebecca J.
My child looks forward to the vibrant virtual lessons and activities. The teacher is wonderful, and we've seen great progress in his Mandarin skills. Excellent program for young ones!
Michael G.

Benefits for Parents



Count on our dedicated team to support you in setting up classes. Our team is committed to developing a smooth learning course for you. We prioritize your needs, ensuring a caring, capable, and efficient educational journey. Support in local language, English and Chinese.



Systematic evaluation of your progress and performance, informing you of the areas of strengths and improvements as well as milestones achieved in order to monitor your overall language development and acquisition.



Our student coaches walk alongside and following you through every phase of your  learning expedition – from the initial steps to the final accomplishments, keeping you connected to the learning process.


At Ni Hao Ma, our commitment to excellence is reflected in our 100% success rate. Through standard programs, dedicated teachers, and effective teaching methodologies, we ensure every student achieves their Mandarin learning goals. Our proven track record speaks volumes about our unwavering dedication to delivering top-notch education, empowering students to succeed in mastering Mandarin with confidence and proficiency.

Learn with Native Teachers


4 to 6 Years old
$ 14 - 16 Per session (45 minutes)
  • From 4 years old
  • Learning materials included
  • 1 on 1