From 18 Years old & above


Professional and Personal Growth

Master Mandarin in our dynamic virtual classes! Designed specifically for professionals and Mandarin language enthusiasts. Our specialized courses provide a comprehensive approach to Mandarin language acquisition. Develop proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills as well as learn subject matter for everyday communication, academia, and business. Our native teachers will guide you on your journey to Mandarin fluency!



Professional Advancement

 The ability to communicate proficiently in Mandarin showcases cultural understanding, adaptability, and often leads to career advancement.

Expanded Networking

The ability to create lasting partnerships, collaborations, and friendships within Mandarin-speaking communities.

Personal Growth

 Mastering Mandarin challenges the mind, boosting confidence, and providing a sense of accomplishment, contributing positively to personal development and a broader worldview.

Cultural Connection

Beyond the language itself, it brings meaningful connections, both personally and professionally, facilitating smoother interactions in a globalized world and establishing link with Mandarin speakers.

Engaging Lessons with Certified Native Teachers

A dynamic and immersive learning environment that fosters fluency development, essential skills acquisition, and confident communication. Our certified native teachers employ interactive and engaging learning activities with real-life applications that will empower students to navigate Mandarin confidently and effectively in diverse contexts.


Individual Learning

Our virtual learning courses offer personalized guidance from native teachers in a flexible learning environment to suit your needs. Our approach ensures effective progress while accommodating student’s unique learning styles.

Live Virtual Classes

Step into our live virtual classes for a comprehensive learning experience that encompasses listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Designed for students seeking effective online learning anytime, anywhere. Guided by dedicated native-speaking teachers, mastering Mandarin will be seamless.


Learn With Cultural Topics

Our course offers an extensive array of diverse topics, inviting students on a captivating journey to explore and understand cross-cultural perspectives from around the globe. This multifaceted approach not only broadens horizons but also cultivates a global mindset, empowering students to navigate an interconnected world with respect, understanding, and a sense of shared humanity.



Based on international standards and designed by our Academic team, our program includes vocabulary and grammar exercises as well as digital resources to help students practice and review. Our multifaceted program focuses on language acquisition and cultural understanding while improving one’s critical thinking skills, creativity, and confidence.

Our BCT classes are business-oriented which means that you will learn the relevant vocabulary, grammar, and expressions for various business situations. Focusing on scenario practice, theses classes provide you with many speaking opportunities, distinguishing Chinese business culture and etiquette, which will help you improve your oral fluency and accuracy , boost your confidence and competitiveness, ease the misunderstandings and build rapport with you Chinese counterparts.

Learn more about Business BCT course

Our speaking classes designed for advanced students eager to boost confidence and practice in a supportive live virtual environment. Focusing on honing conversational skills, these classes offer a platform for fluent speakers to engage, discuss, and refine their Mandarin proficiency.

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Designed for non-native Chinese speakers, HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi) is a globally recognized language proficiency test. From beginner to advanced levels, we foster proficiency for the HSK test and beyond. Our in-house curriculum equips students with vital language skills for real-life scenarios, mastering vocabulary, grammar, and all facets of language – speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

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Our customized curriculum offers flexible options for 1-on-1 sessions. Whether seeking individual attention, our sessions suit each student’s needs, ensuring focused assistance, practice, and accelerated progress in Mandarin proficiency.

Customers Reviews

What Students Say?

Really enjoy the course. Learning with native teacher who is very helpful and enthusiastic. Members of the Lab are also supportive and willing to design the best course under my personal demand. My chinese has been advanced a lot!
Rachel N.
Enthusiastic Native teacher, the class is fun. I study after work and take online classes but it's still effective, and enjoyable. Learning materials include E-book so I can review them easily. There are many opportunities to practice speaking, so I feel that my level of speaking is improving quickly
Sarah L.

Benefits for Students



Count on our dedicated team to support you from setting up classes. Our team is committed to smooth learning progress for you. We prioritize your needs, ensuring a caring, capable, and efficient educational journey. Support in local language, English and Chinese.



Systematic monitoring of your progress, informing about your performance, areas of improvement, and milestones achieved. an overall development.



Our educational consultants walk alongside and following you through every phase of your learning expedition – from the initial steps to the final accomplishments, keeping you connected to the learning process.


At Ni Hao Ma, our commitment to excellence ensures consistent learning through the highest standards. Students have the freedom to choose options that suit their needs, from tutoring to personalized 1-on-1 sessions, ensuring real-time learning experiences. With us, you’ll have a reliable companion, dedicated teachers, and effective teaching methodologies on your Mandarin journey, offering flexible solutions for every step of your learning process to achieve your goals. Our proven track record speaks volumes about our dedication to delivering top-notch education, empowering students to succeed in mastering Mandarin with confidence and proficiency.

Learn with Native Teachers


Intermediate - Advanced
$ 13 - 15 Per Hour
  • From 18 years old
  • Learning materials included
  • 1 on 1


All levels
$ 22 - 25 Per Hour
  • From 18 years old
  • Learning materials included
  • 1 on 1


All levels
$ 22 - 25 Per Hour
  • From 18 years old
  • Learning materials included
  • 1 on 1


All levels
$ 25+ Per Hour
  • From 18 years old
  • Learning materials included
  • 1 on 1