From 4 to 15 years old


Make, Play, Learn, Grow!

Join us for a summer camp filled with exciting activities to spark your children’s imagination, challenge their body, and discover Mandarin skills with no pressure!



Our camp fosters a playful environment where children discover Mandarin naturally through engaging activities. Imagine learning basic vocabulary while playing interactive board games or cooking with clear instructions in Mandarin. This pressure-free approach sparks curiosity and builds a foundation for future language learning.

Our camp goes beyond language acquisition. Through artistic activities like painting Chinese characters and learning traditional crafts, children will be triggered to explore Chinese culture in a fun and creative way. They’ll gain a deeper appreciation for Chinese traditions and customs while expressing themselves artistically.

From deciphering board game challenges to navigating the difficulties of kung fu, our camp fosters a culture of curiosity and problem-solving. Through guided exploration and collaborative activities, children learn to think critically, approach challenges creatively, and develop a sense of resourcefulness.

9 Different Engaging Activities

Spark Curiosity and Build Skills in Mandarin This Summer!

Discover your child’s cultural and language exploration space at 

Ni Hao Ma's Summer Camp 2024

6 weeks of Fun and Creativity

We are committed to providing a safe and nurturing environment for your children during the camp.




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What They Say?

We were hesitant at first about a Mandarin summer camp, but this program exceeded all our expectations! Our son, came home each day buzzing with excitement about the games they played (in Mandarin!). The teachers were fantastic - patient, engaging, and clearly passionate about the language.
May J.
Finding a summer program that offered both language learning and activities was a challenge, but this camp was the perfect solution for our kid. It was amazing to see her laughing and participating with the other kids, even though they spoke different languages at first. The camp truly sparked her curiosity about Chinese culture, and we're so grateful for the positive impact it had on her.
Harry M.

Led by Mandarin-speaking Instructors

Half Day

All levels
đ 600,000
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Full Day

All levels
đ 1,300,000
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