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Welcome to Ni Hao Ma’s Corporate Mandarin Courses – your gateway to Mandarin excellence! Immerse yourself with 100% Certified Native Teachers, experienced in tailoring solutions for corporates. Our high-quality online program ensures a comprehensive, engaging, and flexible learning journey, enhancing both personal and professional growth.


Impact of Mandarin

Increase Sales

Chinese consumers are predicted to contribute $6 trillion to global GDP growth by 2030. This underscores the significant economic impact and potential business opportunities associated with catering to the needs and preferences of the Chinese consumer market.

Global Trade

China surpassed the US as the world’s largest trader of goods in 2013, a position it has maintained. As of 2023, China’s total trade volume stands at a staggering $6.9 trillion, highlighting its immense influence on global trade flows.

Vital Communication Resource

73% of Chinese consumers express a higher inclination to engage with businesses where employees are proficient in Mandarin. This highlights the pivotal role of effective communication in building trust and bridging cultural gaps with Chinese partners and clients. 

Improved Trust

 71% of Chinese consumers view companies with Mandarin-speaking employees as culturally respectful. Exhibiting language proficiency not only underscores dedication to the Chinese market but also enhances brand image and credibility. 

Benefits for Your Business

When a business boasts personnel proficient in Chinese, it not only drives sales but also serves as a strategic asset for human resources, fostering stable and sustained business growth.

Competitive Edge

Companies with Mandarin-speaking staff are 20% more likely to secure international contracts

Strengthen Connections

Culture understanding will improve the relationships with Mandarin-speaking partners and clients.

Enhance Growth

Position your business strategically to tap into a consumer base of over a billion people and fostering growth.

Talent Attraction

Stand out in the competitive job market by fostering a multilingual and diverse workplace.

Company Branding

Conveys a powerful message about your company's commitment to understanding and valuing diverse cultures.

How Your Team Learn

Our unique approach we’ve crafted to make Mandarin language acquisition effective, engaging, and tailored to your goals.

Engaging Lessons with Certified Native Teachers

A dynamic and immersive learning environment that fosters fluency development, essential skills acquisition, and confident communication. Our certified native teachers employ interactive and engaging learning activities with real-life applications that will empower students to navigate Mandarin confidently and effectively in diverse contexts.


Small Group Learning

Our virtual learning courses offer personalized guidance from native teachers in a flexible learning environment to suit your needs. Our approach ensures effective progress while accommodating student’s unique learning styles.

Live Virtual Classes

Step into our live virtual classes for a comprehensive learning experience that encompasses listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Designed for students seeking effective online learning anytime, anywhere. Guided by dedicated native-speaking teachers, mastering Mandarin will be seamless.


Live Videos and Digital Resources

Deliver an immersive learning experience by providing comprehensive grammar and vocabulary lessons. Equip learners with valuable preparation and post-learning review opportunities, ensuring a holistic approach to Mandarin language acquisition.

Customized Modules

Offer a focused and efficient curriculum in 5 weeks to mastery and gain practical language skills tailored to your business field in.



Our curriculum is crafted to address your specific industry needs, providing a unique and effective Mandarin learning experience for your team. We cater to your requirements, ensuring your team gains valuable language skills directly relevant to your corporate objectives.

Example – Industry: Travel Retail

  1. Introduction & Greetings
    • Welcome a customer
    • How to make a self-introduction
    • Chinese manners
    • How to tell numbers
  2. Know the Products
    • Review
    • product vocabulary
    • How to describe a product
  3. Customer Inquiry
    • How to guide a customer in the shop
    • how to guide a customer to choose a product
  4. Price & Promotion
    • How to explain price and promotion
    • How to confirm and receive payment
  5. Customer Journey
    • Real work situation practice
    • Handling cussotmer enquiries

Our BCT Course, designed for those aiming for fluency in business-oriented Mandarin, offers guidance from our native teachers as you navigate real-life business scenarios. 

Discover our program

Example – Level: Beginner

  1. Scenario 1: Hello
    • How to greet friends?
    • How to greet clients or managers?
    • How to give an opening speech greeting in event?
  2. Scenario 2: Let me make a few introductions
    • How to ask someone’s name respectfully?
    • How to introduce someone to others?
    • How to make self-introductions professionally?
  3. Scenario 3: What date is it?
    • How to express the meeting or business trip date?
    • how to explain the working schedule
  4. Scenario 4: When and where we meet?
    • How to ask about the meeting time and location?
    • How to answer the meeting time and location?
    • How to write the agenda of the meeting?
  5. Scenario 5: Taking a taxi
    • How to tell someone where you are going?
    • How to ask how much?
    • How to re-propose the itinerary?


  1. Manager
    • Leadership and Management
    • Deliver presentations
    • Conduct meetings and negotiate deals
  2. Human Resources Management
    • Recruitment and Interview techniques
    • Employee relations and conflict resolution
    • Conduct performance reviews and provide constructive feedback
  3. Sales Team
    • Present products and persuade potential clients
    • Client relationship management
    • Negotiation and closing deals
Customers Reviews

What Business Say?

The student coach team at Ni Hao Ma has been incredibly supportive, and the dedication of the teachers is truly commendable. I'm excited about the prospect of continuing my Mandarin learning journey with Ni Hao Ma.
Employee of ippg
Our staff's improved Mandarin skills have led to stronger relationships with Chinese customers, and the program's support and tailored approach have boosted team engagement.

Benefits for Your Team



Count on our dedicated team to support your team in setting up classes. Our team is committed to smooth learning progress for them. We prioritize your needs, ensuring a caring, capable, and efficient educational journey. Support in local language, English and Chinese.



Systematic monitoring of your team’s progress, informing team leader about their performance, areas of improvement, and milestones achieved. An overall development.



Our educational consultants walk alongside and following you through every phase of your learning expedition – from the initial steps to the final accomplishments, keeping you connected to the learning process.


IPPG, a retail corporation in Vietnam, selects Ni Hao Ma’s Corporate Training Program to equip employees with essential Mandarin skills for international markets. Our 5-week curriculum, crafted by native educators, focuses on practical speaking modules related to customer interaction and sales conversations. In just 10 hours, IPPG employees achieve real-life communication success in Mandarin Chinese.

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Online Classes

Corporate Package (Standard)

$ 40 Per Hour
  • 1 - 5 students
  • Learn by heart basic
  • Learning materials included

Business Chinese

All levels
$ 30 Per Hour
  • 1 - 5 students
  • Learn to communicate effectively in a business environment
  • Learning materials included​

Corporate Package (Customized)

All levels
$ - Upon request
  • 1 on 1 / group
  • Learn to master language skills applicable to various business contexts
  • Learning materials included