Mandarin Extracurricular Program Launch: Kungfu, Cooking, Calligraphy

Ni Hao Ma recently held an Open House Day for the launch of the brand new Mandarin Extracurricular Activities (ECA program). This program takes a unique approach to language learning, offering students a dynamic and engaging way to explore Mandarin beyond the traditional classroom setting.


A Multifaceted Learning Experience

The Open House Day offered a glimpse into the exciting ECA program. Students participated in activities like making healthy Fruit Yogurt Shakes, learning practical vocabulary about fruit and cooking, jumping into the art of Chinese calligraphy, practicing basic strokes and gaining an appreciation for this cultural tradition. The atmosphere buzzed with energy and enthusiasm as students interacted with the language in a hands-on and interactive manner.


Learning Beyond the Textbook

One of the program’s strengths lies in its emphasis on practical application. Parents were particularly impressed by how children could immediately use the vocabulary learned during the activities in real-life situations. This practical approach not only reinforces learning but also fosters a deeper understanding and appreciation for the language.

More Than Just Mandarin: Exploring Chinese Culture

The ECA program extends beyond simply teaching Mandarin. It offers students a window into Chinese culture through a variety of activities. Options may include kung fu, cooking, calligraphy, and traditional Chinese games. This holistic approach allows students to explore their interests and develop new skills while immersing themselves in the richness of Chinese culture.

Unlocking a World of Possibilities

Ni Hao Ma’s ECA program is an exciting development for anyone interested in providing their child with a fun and engaging way to learn Mandarin. By offering a diverse range of activities, the program caters to different learning styles and interests. This innovative approach fosters a love for learning the language and opens doors to a deeper understanding of Chinese culture.

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