Big Smiles & Beautiful Bookmarks: Recap of Our Calligraphy Workshop!

This past Saturday on April 27, Veganizta and Ni Hao Ma hosted a fantastic workshop where our participants got to unleash their inner artist! ‍

From Simple Strokes to Beautiful Bookmarks

The Workshop led by Vicky laoshi, our native teacher from Ni Hao Ma, guided participants through the basic strokes, transforming them into personalized bookmarks! Every participant went home with a one-of-a-kind creation and a refreshing drink to cool off.

A Blend of Art & Language Learning

Throughout the workshop, the room buzzed with excitement and creativity as participants  embarked on a fun adventure: matching pictographs (like sun and water!) to their characters, learning the history behind these symbols, and mastering basic calligraphy strokes like horizontal and vertical lines.

“Seeing my finished bookmark filled me with so much pride! It was amazing to learn a new skill and create something beautiful. This workshop was the perfect blend of art and language learning, and I can’t wait for the next one!”

shared a workshop participant.

A huge thank you to all the awesome learners who joined Ni Hao Ma Workshop!