Partnership Announcement: Ni Hao Ma and International Han Institute (IHI) Taiwan

Ni Hao Ma – Mandarin learning Lab is proud to announce our partnership with the International Han Institute (IHI) 漢華國際中文學院, an reputable Mandarin Teacher Training Center from Taiwan.language knowledge to children aged 3 – 6 years old studying at Wisdomland.

What to look forward to in this partnership?

Through this partnership, Ni Hao Ma – Mandarin Learning Lab will be able to provide prospective teachers with Mandarin training in order to become a Certified Mandarin Teacher. Upon completion of the training and exam, prospective teachers will be able to apply for the TCSOL and TQUK certification, which enables them to become an official Mandarin teacher which is recognized by most countries around the world. Then, the teachers can take advanced course for either Teaching Chinese for Business Purpose (TCBP) and Teaching Chinese for Young Learners (TCYL).

Courses are designed for native and non-natives to train all essential skills as a teacher such as teaching plan or class management…to ensure they are well-equipped for teaching.

If your dream is becoming a Mandarin teacher, you can make it come true now!