A Flashback Of Outstanding Activities At April Camp

Let’s have a flashback of how fun it was during the passed April Camp.
Your children love drawing but what if they can draw and practice Mandarin at the same time? Or challenge them through traditional games and try interacting with Mandarin?
Then April Camp is a good choice to enable your children to achieve both!

Our beloved students welcomed April very lively with the first activity of the camp: “Portrait drawing”. 

Coming to the Ni Hao Ma  April Camp, they learned vocabulary about facial parts and memorized them through drawing activity 

Let’s have a look at the moment when our young artists enthusiastically create their masterpieces.

In the next session, students  experienced 2 traditional art forms of Chinese culture: 青花瓷 /qīng huā cí/ and 山水 /shān shuǐ/ Painting.

Let’s see how our young learners are meticulously creating their own “unmatched” and “unique” products. Each work has its own personality, what a talent, isn’t it!

We hope our little students had a fun and rewarding time.

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✅ Practical learning program with high applicability in work, daily life, and business.

✅ 100% Mandarin environment with Native teachers, maximize student’s reflex.

✅ Flexible form of learning according to demand: online or at the center.

✅ Understand and practice speaking the lesson in real-time.

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