Ni Hao Ma Expands Reach at International School Fairs, Catering to Parents’ Mandarin Learning Needs

Ni Hao Ma had an eventful and productive final month of the year 2022, participating in fairs held at prestigious international schools such as BIS (British International School) in District 2 and Renaissance International School in District 7. These fairs provided us with a fantastic opportunity to connect with a larger number of parents and gain valuable insights into their specific needs and expectations when it comes to learning Mandarin.

It comes as no surprise that Mandarin learning is not limited to children alone. We have observed a growing interest among parents themselves, whether it be for professional purposes or participation in corporate business programs. Recognizing this trend, Ni Hao Ma is committed to offering a comprehensive range of learning programs tailored to students of all ages. We aim to deliver high-quality instruction that caters to both online and offline learners, ensuring a conducive and rewarding learning experience.

Are you seeking the ideal environment to study Mandarin? As we embark on a new year, it’s the perfect time to set new goals and embark on a journey of Mandarin language acquisition. We invite you to join our free online trial session and experience a state-of-the-art classroom environment exclusively at Ni Hao Ma. Discover the joy of learning Mandarin and unlock exciting opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Start the new year on a positive note by embracing the beauty of the Mandarin language. Let Ni Hao Ma be your trusted partner in your Mandarin learning journey.